Alman İcatları

Fotograf büyültme Kitap basımı, jelibon ayıcık, röntgen cihazı, bilgisayar, televizyon yada MP3 günlük yaşamımızın bir parçasıdır. Tüm bu yenilikler birer Alman buluşudurlar. Dünyayı değiştirmiş olan bu buluşlar hayatımızı birçok alanda kolaylaştırmışlardır. Almanya bir numaralı araştırma ülkesi olarak bilinir.Burada size bu buluşlardan birkaç tanesini sunmak istiyoruz.

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Industrie in Südafrika

The automobile

The automobile is one of the most important inventions since industrialization. Almost no other technology has changed our lives so much.


The printing press

In all probability, the information society as we know it today would not exist had it not been for the invention of the printing press.

Studentin am Computer

The computer

Computers have revolutionized our lives and are now present in all sorts of areas of our daily lives. Their inventor was the Berlin engineer Konrad Zuse.

Freunde, Fußball, Bier, und Tooor! Szene vor dem TV-Gerät


Television has brought the big wide world into everybody’s living room. Among the inventions which paved the way towards the home cinema are two important innovations by German engineers.


The gummy bear

n 1922, a colourful little bear made of sweet gelatine set out from Bonn to take the world by storm. Confectioner Hans Riegel got the inspiration for his sugary creation from its less diminutive cousins, the dancing bears that used to be seen at fun fairs in the early twentieth century.


MP3 – revolutionizing music

Our ability to listen to music for hours on end, any time and anywhere, is thanks above all to German researchers. It started as research into transmitting audio signals by telephone wire and became a worldwide success: what began at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in the late 1970s, and was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft from the mid-1990s, came to fruition in the form of the MP3. Suddenly, long, complex pieces of music could be stored in tiny files.  



Where the human eye met its limitations, he found a way: in 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen laid the foundations of many an innovation in medicine by discovering x-rays.


The gramophone record

Music for everyone: Emile Berliner is recognized as the inventor of the record and the gramophone. In 1887, he was granted a patent for a new disc on which to record sound and for the recording and playback device with which to do so – the precursor of the gramophone.