Freunde, Fußball, Bier, und Tooor! Szene vor dem TV-Gerät Fotograf büyültme (© dpa/pa) Television has brought the big wide world into everybody’s living room. Among the inventions which paved the way towards the home cinema are two important innovations by German engineers.


First of all, Ferdinand Braun laid the technological foundations of vacuum-tube screens in 1897 by inventing the cathode-ray tube, or CRT. The principle of this “Braun tube” is still used in many televisions and computers today.


Over the years following Braun’s invention, the technological and aesthetic details underwent continuous improvement. One of the researchers who made major advances in this development was German engineer Manfred von Ardenne. It was he who presented the first fully electronic television at the Berlin Radio Show in 1931.


CRT technology involves electron beams being deflected within a vacuum tube to particular points on the screen. Thousands of these electron beams generated within fractions of seconds combine to form a picture. It may be very complex technology – but the moving pictures that result have become a familiar part of all our lives.